How was your Valentine with your date?

February 17, 2007 4:08pm CST
Recently we all must have celebrated the Valentine's day. So i would like to share my experience for the day. The whole day i was busy finding a gift for my Valentine and in the evening i went to take her out for a dinner and a movie. We had a dinner in our nearby restuarant. And when i was about to give her the gift and i found that the gift was not with me i was a bit tensed. Seeing my face she felt that i must have forgot to bring money with me, but that was not the case. She was not expecting a gift from me. She thought i would buy a choclate box sought of thing. I then tried to remember where did the gift go suddenly i remembered that it was on the table when i left my house and forgot to pick it up. So after having the dinner I took on a walk till my house as I had to give my gift. The wind was cold, and she was feelling the breeze, i offered her my jacket. She was feeling good now. But i was cold man it was freezing. But icould not express that. We slowly and steadily talking on what we did today and discussed a lot of things. I never told her that I had bought her a gift. I was making stories that I went here and there. Then we reached my home. She was a bit disappointed by now that i did not buy her anything. As I knew that my gift was on the table so I had informed my friend to keep it at the door and i'll collect it. She was feeling very bad and out to say that Did I get something for her? I replied very dramatically "Oh!! I forgot." She was about to bang me and I handed over the gift to her. It was a gold ring. She saw and was so happy that she jumped on me and cried. It was a wonderful experience for me. Did you guys have any such experience?
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@aslygirl (531)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
I didn't celebrate my valentines day, cause my boyfriend is busy with his work.Thats why my valentines day is blue.