Who does your child look like?

United States
February 17, 2007 8:44pm CST
Everyone tells me that our daughter is a spitting image of my husband. What about your kids?
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@asish1672 (339)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Feb 07
My daughter, looks like a photocopy of me too. But lot of her mannerisms are like her mother. But I have heard that these things keep on changing and may not be same when she is grown up. For my daughter,she has got her complexion like her mom but face is like me. Height cant be said at these stage though. She is very talkative, have a knack for dancing, is very stubbornand can mix freely with people. All these manners, she got from her mom.
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@mememama (3077)
• United States
18 Feb 07
My son really doesn't look like me or my husband, he's about 18 months and I keep waiting for him to look like one of us! Well, he looked like my hubby when he was born, he was real dark just like him. Then the black hair fell out and grew blonde and his eyes lightened up to blue, and his skin lightened up too-this is suprising since my hubby and I both have dark hair and eyes. My mother in law was holding him the other day (she doesn't live near us) and I realized that my son is a spitting image of her, same hair color, eye color, skin color. Genetics can be so whacky!
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