I hate Spyware!!

United States
February 17, 2007 11:15pm CST
I've tried a couple of applications that are suppose to delete Adware and Spyware but they don't seem to work very good. Does anyone know any good programs I can use to get rid of these annoying things?
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@coolmib (21)
• Indonesia
27 Feb 07
I don't remember when the last time I reinstall my computer. But until now the performance of my computer almost same with the 1st time I install the OS (WinXP). My Secret is DEEP FREEZE (www.faronics.com). Now I can try (install) a lot of programs without worry about virus/trojan/spyware, because once I restart the computer, all setting will be back to the last setting when I "Freeze" the system. (Except some data/docs that I want to keep it, I will put in the drive that I didn't "freeze" it). Even being Pissed-off by this program at the beginning, but when you know how to playing around with this, you will love this Program. Just to give you an illustration.. I made 2 partition of My HD. 1st partition (Drive C:) will be use only for system and this drive will be "Frozen" until I want to add some new program. 2nd partition (drive D:) will be use to store data. so any Data that I want to keep the changes/update (such as : document from Excel/word) Will be saved into this Drive. There are many plus and minus points from this program. but I think It still worthy
@classy56 (2883)
• United States
20 Feb 07
i really like yahoo spyware removal,it works great an i also use spybot but it dont get rid of all of the spyware an virus an adware.
@gabs8513 (48714)
• United Kingdom
19 Feb 07
I use Super Anti Spyware and find it ok so try that one. I hope this helps along a bit.
@jan135 (537)
• Australia
19 Feb 07
Try www.superadblocker.com it removed all sorts of rubbish from my computer, it's a 15 free trial.
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
just format your system i think coz after you use some anti spyware another problem might rise and if formatting your pc takes time, try to remember which date you dont have that annoying spyware on your pc and restore it on that point though this might uninstall some program but it will not delete some save messages but it might get rid the annoying spyware for me its the best solution than to download some program removing permanently the problem is best
@borg_queen (2535)
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
These are must haves: AVG Anti-spyware, Super Anti-spyware and Spyware Terminator. You can get them for free at majorgeeks.com you should also get more.