Truth vs Lie

United States
February 18, 2007 2:14am CST
Okay, so we all have told a lie or two. Same with the truth. Why is it that sometimes a lie will just come out rather than the truth? What is the worst lie you have ever told? What is the best truth you have ever told? Dig deep with this one. It could be small like telling your friend they didn't have something between their teeth when they actually did or telling the truth and really hurting someone's feelings. I will start. One of worst lies I ever told was when I got caught smoking in my bathroom when I was a teenager and my mom asking me if I had anymore smokes, I said no, but I had a whole pack in the pocket of my bathrobe not even a foot from where she was standing. Oops! This one truth I told actually backfired on me. I was working as a temp and I was in a new relationship. My boyfriends family were going to an amusement park and invited me. I called in and told them exactly that! Yeah, I should have lied about that one because I was fired. I was lost in love with that one. Anyone else???
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