Have u ever seen a UFO? Do u beleive it??

Unidentified flying objects!! Do u beleive it?? - What does it look like ?? Do aliens land on the earth if they exists?
February 18, 2007 2:59am CST
I have heard about the Unidentified Flying object in certain movies and a few books too, but never seen them. Is there anything like UFO. Have u ever seen it? Do u believe of its existence?/
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@djbtol (5498)
• United States
18 Feb 07
I have never seen one and am highly sceptical of those who think they have. I understand that there are people who have tracked this issue, and that sometimes there does not appear to be any other explanation. Just the same, I'm not convinced of life on other planets.
• Canada
18 Feb 07
I also don't believe UFO. As you know, our Earth has evolved for long long time enough. Scientiest has predicted that it has evolved for million years ago. If so, why would the aliens not have invaded the Earth? If they were more intelligent than us, they would have communicated with humans and shown to us without afraid of being caught by humans. Why only did a bunch of group see it? I do understand that we haven't explored our universe but I believe that there are hot zones or cold zones in the Universe. So, those UFO must live in the similar conditions like the Earth. Otherwise, they won't be able to live in too hot area or too cold area. Unless, they are machines. Eventhough they are machines, they will be melt away in too hot areas OR they will be frozen in too cold areas. Today, we are still speculating about the life in Mars, Pluto, and other planets but we know now that those planets are empty. Do you think that UFO's stuffs are part of Evils which are trying to keep humans stay away from God?
@erl212 (303)
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
i dont know if the really exist and i have not seen one at all.maybe beyond our wildest imaginations,they are true,maybe they are miles and miles from the galaxy.and if ever i meet one,maybe il shout and run.
• India
19 Feb 07
Lol that is gonna happen with any one who will see an alien for the first time.... Thanks for the reply dear