Pakistani Hacker hacks Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick's Websites Hacked - Pakistani Hacker hacks Kevin Mitnick
February 18, 2007 5:53am CST
On 21th August Kevin Mitnick the legendary hacker of the 90’s who got sent to jail for his suspicious social engineering based hacking activities for a five-year prison term in 1995 was at this week at the receiving end of a massive defacement of four of his websites (Defacement) (Defacement), (Defacement) & (Defacement). Hacking has been a part of the Internet practically from its inception back in the 80’s, in my heydays of computer wonders I was fascinated by the simplisticly of hacking Win 95 and 98 systems by simple tools like BO2K and other awesome Trojan stuff. My effort was very limited to a few simple steps but was simply mesmerized at what could have been done had I known a little f Unix and an intricate knowledge of coding.I have always considered hacking as an important factor in the continued development of this infrastructure we have come to live on called the world wide web, to be honest if there were no destructive forces attempting to take down the system who would have bothered to continuously revolutionize this technology which in turn spurns new inventions and creations which have come to impact our daily life. One has to take the good with the bad, & sincerely hope that the good elements continue to over shadow the evil side. The sites under question have been hacked by FBH (Federal Bureau of Hackers) (website??) who have been operating since 2002 in their previous defacements they have been supporting the cause of Kashmir and been ridiculing the Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee (Defacement - Sony I personally would not be too proud of FBH being a Pakistani as it tends to cast a bad name for my country, especially in this ever-paranoid post 9/11 era where every brown skin Muslim is suspected for being an Al-Qaeda operative. Lets work to keep Pakistan in the good books until the image of a peace loving nation restores confidence in the world, we all have to work hard.
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