Are you a lucky person? have you ever won something?

February 18, 2007 7:11am CST
hi. i'm just curious how many of you got lucky and win the lottery or other kind of prizes. i can say i only won once. it was a pager from Coca-cola and it happened a long time ago :) how about you? what was the biggest prize you have ever won?
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@lenywp (1964)
• Australia
18 Feb 07
I've won lots of little things - Like a couple of $$ on scratchies/scratch-its, I think a cake, a blow up whal for the pool, some textas and so on lol..
• Romania
18 Feb 07
you really are lucky :) have you ever heard about prizee? it's a very nice website with games. there you really need to be lucky :) i have a friend who won about 2$ in the first day. i got 0.28$ just my luck :)) if you want to join here is my refer link: you can change the language from the upper part of the site. good luck :)
• Ireland
18 Feb 07
I haven't won anything recently, but years back I won £250 on the football pools. It was shortly after I got married and I had just moved into my new house, so I was delighted to be able to buy lots of furniture with my winnings. It was quite a lot of money then, thought it wouldn't buy much to-day.
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@cultoffury (1283)
• India
18 Feb 07
I never won any lucky draws but I consider myself very lucky. Because I am living such a position where I have a lot of loving people who would die for me. Lot of facilities to live with. Does'nt these mean I am lucky? A huge fraction of the people in the world don't enjoy these.
• Romania
18 Feb 07
that's more than luck :) but when i started this discussion i meant "luck" with lottery and games and etc. not situations. anyway i'm glad you are living a great life :) cheers!
@raenie (707)
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
When it comes to winning the lottery or any kind of raffles, I don't think I'm that lucky--hehe I've never won big from those--but I did get like 3 numbers out of 6 so it was just like winning your money back... Just an inetresting tidbit--I heard somewhere that your odd of getting struck by lightning are far greater than winning the lottery? But oh yeah, I did win something before but not from luck, I guess. I won a internet prepaid card for submitting a funny story online & I won the 2nd prize...not bad, right? =)
@harwoodkp (285)
• United States
18 Feb 07
A couple years ago we won 1000 dollars in a lottery. It was just enought to pay off some bills that month. Not much has happened since then.
@mariojt (199)
• Brazil
18 Feb 07
no! i play in lottery every week but i never won....still. i'll win in the next week, hehe. :]