my proper diet?

February 18, 2007 7:30am CST
Hey guyzz!!! help me please!! Im so worried about my body shape!! I think im so fat!! When I saw some gurlz that have a beautiful body shape, i feel so insecure!! I dont know how to diet properly!! i cant stop eating!! but im playing volleyball and badminton!! But i think that's worthless!! This how the story starts!! After a 2 years ago, I had a beautiful shape!!!I know it cause my friends tell me that!! But as years pass by,,, my body shape is no longer as beautiful as then!!! When my bf dumped me, i feel so depressed!! I ate a lot of chocolates and I drunk a lot of beers!!I ate meal 8times a day!! then so on and so for!!! Please help me and give me some advices about my dieting!!! I realy realy need your response!!!! I want my body back!!!!! Will you help me?
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@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
18 Feb 07
I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable with your body! that is one of the worst feelings i know. I do not think a diet is very good for anyone. Dieting will make you loose weight, but you will probably gain it all and then some when the diet is over. What helped my family was a change of how and what we eat. We eat more often - about 4 meals a day. We eat more fish and chicken, and less red meat. We stopped eating rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. We have lots of vedgetables instead, lentils, and beans. My boyfriend lost more than 20 kg in less than 6 months. He gained a couple of pounds back, but is till 17 kg lighter than two years ago. He also has more energy. Using your body is also important, but it sounds like you have that covered. A last tip is to studi a bit. I find it very helpful ta have some knowledge about different ntrient, how the body prosess different types of food. I Wish you all the best, and hope you reach your goals!
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
okei!!! tnx for your advices!! maybe i try to diet more!!!
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
my dear friend jean, i am witnessed on how sexy and nice your body way back then, all you need is discipline i used to be fat but i discipline myself i only pig out on weekends , do these at night eat only fruits and fruits at morning and lunch eat all you can, you see a simple change on your diet will impact a lot, also combined that with your exercise through volleyball