How they hack our e-gold accounts? and Why?

evil - evil hack
February 18, 2007 8:07am CST
The fact is many people says: how they hack our e-gold if they need PIN everytime to log into our account? the answer is NO it you who help them to hack YOUrs and this is why they don't need to PIN Now the full story of E-gold nightmare 1- win32.grams is the nightmare and un-detected by any known anti-viruses cause it isn't a viruse that harm the machines and not trojan that steal information and also not either spyware or adware cause it make NO connections It just a simple code can be placed in any website source,as soon as the visitor hit that site, you get infected with the grams as soon as you log into your e-gold account,you will find it zero cause the gram in now time as soon as you log into your account open a hidden windows of your balance and using its auto clicker codes makes the transfer to the number it carrys and you find your money is gone 2- it can be easy injected in any website once you enter,you will be infected and so on check this out and how does it works ** at k-store *** at lurhq anti-viruese this is the worest ever been done some people call it e-gold zeroz you can you belive if someone have it source and it easy to buy it for 25$ then he injected it in a web page of his site then he invite all of us to join DAMMMMMMMM it gonna be end of our world
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