smoking killlssssss and leads to slow and steady death

February 18, 2007 10:34am CST
Hi i am Sohaib and i have a serious smooking habbit.which i cannot get control of and its harming me and i can feel the difference of the harm being done day by day.I smoke around a whole pack of 20 cigarettes every day.I know its harming me but i cannot curb the the habbit of smoking.My breaths have become very short due to smoking.I want to quit smoking but i am having a hard time of doing so and if i dont smoke even once i fall sick within half an hour.I am very devastated of wht smoking is doing to my health.Due to chain smoking my frnds have started to avoid me and my parents r very concerned abt me.But i cant help myself as i cant keep my hands of it even for a second.I want to quit smoking and i do want to really believe me.And i wuld like to advice other people who are chain smokers,who have started smoking for fun plz stop before its too late.Smoking is lethal and it kills,through it away still when u have time.Plz people help me i am in very need of help and i will the most happy person on this planet who has quit smoking myself and made others to have a thought of quitting smoking so plz do so.dont play with ur life.lifes beautiful and u shuld live every moment of it thnk u all.
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• Indonesia
19 Feb 07
Hi sohaib, you can try what suggested at I jut quit smoking after read some tips at this website.
• Oman
19 Feb 07
thnks for the link bro.