Negative People Bring Everyone Around Them Down

@onabreak2 (1161)
United States
February 18, 2007 12:04pm CST
I work in a call center which means I get paid to take calls. So you would think the other people I work with would have the brains to know that some of the calls we take are going to be from crabby people. Most of the calls are medical related. In fact 99 percent of them are. One of my co-workers complains about every call she takes so the person sitting next to her and around her gets to listen to this all day long. Now I know that all of us at one time or another has complained about a caller that is exceptional rude. But it has gotten to the point that no one wants to sit next to this person. She does not take criticism well so you cant chastise her. As it is she wont talk to some of her co workers. She always has to have someone she doesn't like. She has really no good reason for not liking them. Maybe they looked at her funny. How can we tell her to shut her big pie hole that we are sick of her childish behavior. Is there a way to say that to someone. I don't care if we hurt her feelings because she doesn't seem to mind hurting others.
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@ddlaurie (132)
• Canada
18 Feb 07
I would tell her if the job or the people working there are not her cup of tea to leave and never come back. Her job as is yours is to help people in a time in their life when they need it. That is why you are there. If she can not do this then her services are no longer needed. Put your self in the callers seat. Would you or her for that matter want a rude crude peron on the other end. I my self have a caller call her who is rude I would hang up on them, or try and calm them down. Besides are your calls public or private? Life is to short to have to deal with rudeness. Tell her to take her short comings and vacate the building.
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@onabreak2 (1161)
• United States
18 Feb 07
I would love to tell her that but that is for the boss to do. And the calls are all very confidential. Yes life is too short to deal with rudeness. If she ever says anything directly to me I will tell her. She has pushed people to the point of where she is not going to like what her co workers have to say. In the meantime we just dont want to deal with her so we dont sit near her. New people dont stay near her long either. She is very immature for an adult. And the funny thing is I do believe she could read this and not even think it pertains to her.
@hell_123 (228)
• India
18 Feb 07
every 1 have some problem or other i want u to talk about this when she is cool and mainly in lunch so that u all sit together and have some fun at there she might think about this mater and she may stop if not bare her or turn up a new job.