Salad Making!

@Mitraa (3188)
February 18, 2007 12:40pm CST
Do you make salad yourself for your lunch? I do it often. I choose tomato, onion, radish, carrot, cocumber, coriander leaves/ mint leaves, lemon, green chilli and a trace of bit-salt/ table-salt for preparing vegetable salad. All these vegetables are well cleaned and cut to small pieces to prepare my salad. How do you make slad? Is your salad made of these above vegetables or any other vegetables? I think taking salad very often in lunch is good for health. If you have an idea of making new type of salad, please inform in details. I shall welcome your idea.
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@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
31 Aug 07
1. Dice chicken into small pieces; finely chop onions and peppers. 2. Melt butter in pan over medium heat and add chicken. 3. Shred lettuce and slice celery. 4. When chicken is almost cooked, add the peppers and onions to pan to soften slightly. 5. Once chicken in cooked, drain contents of pan and toss together with lettuce, celery, almonds and sultanas. 6. Divide equally between 2 plates and drizzle on chilli dressing.
• United States
18 Sep 07
thank you
@gradyslady (4055)
• United States
13 Oct 07
We usually have salads for dinner, and if there is any left over yes I will have it for lunch the next day. I usually put red, yellow, orange, and green peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, purple cabbage, radishes, and sometimes baby tomatoes in it. We love salad in my home.
@luzamper (1360)
• Philippines
11 Oct 07
That is a very good mixture of vegetables and a very nutritious dish. Tomatoes alone is already nutritious and I like tomatoes very much. I'll try your salad, hopefully. Thanks a lot.
• United States
11 Oct 07
I love salads. I use lettus, spinich, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, radishis, cheese, and sometimes ham or chicken. I eather put ceaser saladresing or vinigar and oil on it for flavor. And I have to have crutons.
@JuliaPan (564)
• Canada
24 Feb 07
I'm a great lover of salads. Usually I use vegetables and greens. For parties, I prepare salads with several layers: onion, potato, beet, egg - everything boiled, sliced and mayonnaised. Very delicious! In Russia there is a popular salad called "Olivier". We prepare it for New Year. You should boil and cut potatoes, onions, eggs, carrots. Add cut boiled sausage, cucumber, grean peas, salt and mayonnaise. Bon appetit!
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
If I have to make a salad for lunch, my common ingredients would be Romaine lettuce, tomato, pineapple chunks, carrot, cucumber and canned tuna in vegetable oil. I'll top it with a thousand island dressing and sprinkle it with a generous amount of cheese. Sometimes I just put together lettuce, cucumber, carrots and make my own healthy dressing. This is better than my concoction above because I prepare a dressing using olive oil, apple cider vinegar, a dash of sugar, pepper and salt and probable any available herb like chopped basil or parsley.