Iran and North Korea are displaying that they are capable to sell Missiles

@ondo1015 (1884)
October 13, 2006 6:16pm CST
France test their missile in Pacific island which they own. And their economy grows. But no one oppose, when Iran develop their nuclear plant U.N. and U.S. oppose same as N. Korea, why?
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• United States
24 Feb 07
Nuclear Attack - A painful memory of Nuclear attack of USA on Hisroshima and Nagasaki
US Govt. and UNO think that the Iran and North Korea Nuclear technology is a threat for the world but they have failled to justify their blame. USA was the first and only country who blast the Atomic bomb on the Japanese Cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima during 2nd World War. In this horrable blast more then 3 or four million peoples had been killed and the next generation is still effected with the nuclear side effect.Most of the children born with different disabilities bybirth in thse two cities of Japan. History already proof that who is irresponsible and threat for the civilised world. We should stop them. I request to the respected people of civilised world please stop the US and Israel to destroy the peace of the world. Otherwise, all the 200 countries of the world will be pressuried to aquire the nuclear technology for the sake of their sovernity and to safe their dignity.
@ondo1015 (1884)
• Philippines
26 Feb 07
That move is not good for us all over the world. The best thing to do is no war.
@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
14 Feb 07
Here is a right question. Why Western countries can always do what they want and the other countries not? Why Israel can have the atomic bomb and Iran not? Why U.S., France and other Western countries can have the atomic bomb and North Korea or other countries cannot have it? It's a matter of power, powerful countries do what they want. We can only shut up and wait what it will happen....
@ondo1015 (1884)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
Even their Aircraft Carrier are powered by Nuclear Reactor. That's why many nuke waste in Subic are still in barrel, no where to throw. This nuke is dangerous but a big profit for them, they don't use gas for electricity and power.