February 18, 2007 2:49pm CST
i've heard about lots of programming languages:c++, Java,php,etc.which would you consider best and what are your reasons.
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• Indonesia
20 Feb 07
its is depend on the purpose of your application and the environment of where the application will running on if you gonna make a web base Server side application you can choose among ASP,PHP,.NET,Pearl,Coldfusion and it is also depend on the environment of where the application will be running on eg: ASP both of Classic and or .NET is the best when running on IIS/Windows Base OS even PHP can run on it but ASP/.NET is the best in this case.
@redfang (969)
18 Feb 07
Java is a good programming language to learn but it's not easy, like most things it takes time to learn. There are a few online games made from it a popular one being runescape, this is made totally from java and rakes in millions for the owners.