Had a few drinks last night..... :P

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February 18, 2007 3:29pm CST
OK, so i was bored at home last night watching "Castaway" on ABC and so i had a few beers....well more like 8 or 9, and don't get me wrong im not really old or anything, but ive passed on through my wild and crazy party days. So i got online to check my Mylot page, and apparantly tried to start a discussion about funny drunk stories, but the thread i posted was the ramblings of a drunk guy, it was embarrassing :P so now i repost the question because i think it is a good one. Do you have a funny drinking tale? if so let us know.... :P
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@lucie225 (157)
• United States
22 Feb 07
YOu are too funny. Ok I will bite the bullet and answer the question. Me, my husband, best friend, and her significant other went out. Now,usually I don't drink because I am the one who stays aware of what is going on, but I do know if I get my drink on first, then everyone takes a number because they know I am no longer the responsible one for the evening. So someone else will step foward. Well we go out and I get toasted. Eventually from what I am told, we went to a gay club. Ok, I do remeber bits of that. We get there and there is the pole. The Pole I say. From what I was told that was my pole that night and I would get so mad if someone else tried to dance up on it. Now at first I did not belive what I heard but then some other people brought it to my attention a few days later that don't even talk to the people I was with. I was sooooooo embaressed. I remember getting there and beyond that, I had no clue. Now Holy, with my other post about Brig, no I am not gay or a swinger. Nothing like that. But I don't knock it either and gay clubs are fun and peaceful. I know u just think I am nuts but, I like all people, am a people person and as u can see sexuality does not bother me either. I think I should start a thread on that.Hmmmmmm....
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