reasons for the delay of independence in southern African sub-region

February 18, 2007 4:44pm CST
why did it take too long for the europeans to leave southern Africa.was it because of the finding of mineral resources or the pleasant weather condition?
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• Philippines
18 Feb 07
Maryann, if you have a house that was passed on to you by your grandparents, would you let it go just like that? What if the house was located on a preserve that just recently forbade dwellings inside it? Would you fight for your rights to that house? Its the same with the Europeans. They just inherited Southen Africa from their forefathers. They're keeping what's theirs. Okay, so it isn't simple as it sounds because of the human factor. Still, they did inherit South Africa.
@nairdaleo (104)
• Mexico
18 Feb 07
Haha, I believe it was more the desire to have more stuff, if you think about it, Europe is so populated that there's hardly any room for anything else. So, at first, it was that they didn't want to face other people in Europe to gain their terrains, so for the kings' good name, they went and conquered those who weren't as military powerful. Then it was because in their hometown there wasn't as much stuff, then it was for commodity. But, in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.