my flate mates ?????????? wat to do

February 18, 2007 5:17pm CST
frnds this is something where i wud like a decent advice from u guys , i m living wid a few other students of the same university where i m studyinn in. but i m not in good terms with my flat mates except for 2 people. I think this has something to do wid racism, may be not, but frm ma side i try to be very decent wid dem, and keep the publicly usable things and common area clean. One of my flatmate never cares for this, but still i was Ok wid it, i never complained, but due to a misunderstanding , one other flatmate thinks that it is me who is not particular to keep the common areas clean, and she put up a very rude notice for all of us, and i feel its specially for me and one more frnd of mine. as she is a gal i dint had a arguement wid her, but i thoguht of putting a notice in writing, telling her, how rude it was to make a request widout a 'please' in it !!!But even till now i have not put up any notice and i m confused whether to put it and embarass her or not. what shall i do ?????
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@wenkinnoc (483)
18 Feb 07
I can understand your frustration, but with these sort of situations petty rivalries and dispputesd can quite easily and quickly escalate into soemthing far more sinister. Dont set out to embarasss her, she might have something going on in her life right now. The best thing is to talk to everyone concerned, privately, and speak to them fairly. Draw up a timetable and get them all to agree to the terms of it, to ensure that everyone does their fair share of the work.
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18 Feb 07
Have you ever tried to have a discussion with them about how you don't agree with the way they treat you? You might do that and see if maybe there's a misunderstanding that you both have with each other or if you can clear it. I know how you feel though, I've gotten in many an arguement with people and it really messed with how everything like our work would turn out. Maybe if you just have a talk with her then you can find out if there's something the both of you can do to fix it.