Will i give up?

February 18, 2007 5:24pm CST
In the continuous journey that we have on this life. We have encountered severals obstacles and circumstances that we are able to survive. But there are always times that we end up thinking at the back of our minds to stop the fight and give up! If you are put into a situation where you are really tested and for you there really no hope to cling on to will you say I give up? In your life have you ever uttered the words "I give up"?
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@patootie (3593)
22 Feb 07
I think if I had felt like uttering the words 'I Give Up' I would have done it long ago .. I;ve been ill all my life .. my illnesses have very much affected the quality of my life, my relationships and my standard of living .. I have felt 'in despair' and been in fairly 'hopeless situations' several times .. but for some reason I have always carried on plodding slowly towards the end of my natural life .. I have wanted to give up .. at times I have desperately wanted someone to just come and hug me and make everything all right again .. but realistically I know no one will do that and I just have to sort it myself .. And the funny thing is .. for everytime I have felt at my wits end .. and for everytime I have taken a deep breath and started plodding forwards again with dogged perseverance .. something rather nice happens ... So if 'obstacles' put in our way are a test of some kind .. I think I might just be passing .. and if not .. then 'there is light at the end of the tunnel' springs to mind .. If you don't carry on going forwards how will you know what is waiting for you !
@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
19 Feb 07
I cannot remember any time when I encountered a time when I said, I give up I always keep on trying to do things that I have trouble with but if someone else is annoying me about it then I wait until they are either not there or have gone away and then I will try to achieve whatever I need to so I am quite stubborn and try not to ever just give up.
@Patswords (189)
• United States
18 Feb 07
I think we have all said "I give Up" at more than one time in our lives. But in my case I guess I'm just to stubron to really mean it. My motto has alwats been "Where there is a will there is a way". Therefore, I usually regain the will and keep striving for the way. It seems to me to be human nature or the act of survival.