what is YOUR excuse?

@gotmeng (105)
February 18, 2007 7:51pm CST
i am big fan of pork! .. i know of a lot of people who love pork like i do .. my muslim friends dont eat pork for their reasons .. but there are still a lot of them who eat pork anyway .. cos its just great .. then .. there are those who just dont eat pork ... they claim it to be dirty .. disgusting .. some say its cos pigs are soo cute ... what is your excuse for not eating pork? and if u do .. what do have to say to those who dont eat pork?
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@chiquitita (1227)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 07
A lot of muslims eat pork? *yawns* where did you get those information anyways? Why not post a link or data about the statistic of pork consumed by muslim? This is a sensitive topic, you should be well-informed before starting or responding such discussions. If you like the pork, then eat, no need to judge or make fun with other religion. Instead of doing that, why not enjoy your "meals"?