are you in love?

February 18, 2007 10:59pm CST
do you think it's right when: your mad at him, but you miss him? you don't want to see him, but you want to be with him? youi hate him, but you love him? are you being crazy? or your just in love?
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• Philippines
19 Mar 07
as for me right now at this very moment i am in love with a guy who is far different from me, who has different culture than i am and who is on the other part of the world. how amazing is that. but really though its the funniest feeling i have ever felt and yet serious one for i have become such a better person now that im in love.
• Malaysia
19 Feb 07
am i in love? i often asked this question to myself but until now i don't have the answer. Sometimes i got stucked in no reasons. It's really hard to be in love and in other way around it's really hard also to be not in love.
@limosonia1 (1559)
• United States
19 Feb 07
It would be love or your married LOL. This is common when you care about somebody. You are mad but don't want them to go any where far. Or you say something you don't mean and feel bad. It's part of loving somebody and knowing that you do not want to be without them. But sometimes they drive you crazy. Which is normal. Being to different people it is hard to see eye to eye all the time and emotions run deep when you are in love.