is it okay to entertain new guys?

@kL1121 (60)
February 19, 2007 12:19am CST
my boyfriend and i just broke up last month. we have our daughter who's only 3 months old. now there's a guy who i think would like to court me. but mom said not to entertain anyone yet. but he is a nice guy. do you think it would still be okay if i continue entertaining him?
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@redxph (180)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
In your current situation, I know that taking care of a baby at that young age is really hard. Specially if you will be the only one taking care of your daughter. Just imagine waking-up early in the morning whenever at times your baby is crying. In most cases, ladies who are in this kind of situation tends to find a man who are responsible. Because they need to feel a partner who can they rely on, which is the main concept of getting a real partner in life. I would say, you SHOULD NOT entertain this guy just because he is nice to you. What you should do right now is to focus on how to make yourself strong in terms of supporting your baby. You're already a PARENT now, and you should be thinking the welfare of your baby first. Being a parent means giving-up the liberty of a teenager life of the time you were still single. Not that I'm blaming you because you found a partner who is not right for you. Bottomline is that your baby should come first...
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
well that really depends on you. if you strongly believe that you really have ended the relationship with your boyfriend, then have thinked about the thought of not having him back anymore, then it's alright to entertain other guys. but just to be sure, relationship advisers strongly suggests that after having a break up, especially a mojor break up, try to be alone for a while to fully recover and to figure things and situation out for about six months. there still lots of things to consider here, but if you are really sure about yourself that you can handle a new relationship and will not regretting getting into another wreck if that is to happen, then that's already a go signal at your part that you are indeed okay to entertain new guys around you. good luck!