I was just reading something on another board & I discovered some horrible news

@AnnaB87 (761)
United States
February 19, 2007 12:40am CST
The person that was arrested for murder may actually be related to my husband family. And I did not even know it until that I was reading what someone posted about the research paper they are writing. Amazing what you learn in the course of a very short amount of time when you are not even looking to learn anything new. So far this past week. someone we knew (not well but knew) has been arrested for murder, people are saying someone else who is in prison for a different murder may not of done the murder he was convicted of, and his case ties to this other case they say. And now I discover this person who was arrested may be a relative?? I think I need to just not read the paper this coming week. I don't really want to know anymore county secrets and it is doubtful I need or want to find anymore long lost relatives,, Have you ever felt like your life was a soap opera.????
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