My girlfriend doesnt know anything more than fight

February 19, 2007 2:43am CST
I love this girl so much,and i try to be calm all the time. But the weird part is in one day she will find fight for nothing at least once. i really cant understand why she is doing this. suddenly she will start to cry and if i ask her is there anything wrong,she will reply "nothing" but as soon after that she will start it all over again.if she fights with me for anything really happened then its nothing,why she have to do this? is this any kind of stress release technique, I dont know. i have to find out.What do you think?
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@LeXDei (209)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
I believe that your girl has a reason for acting that way. Funny, but sometimes I am also like this when I have problems with my boyfriend. Pride and fear of appearing very jealous or unreasonable will stop me from really divulging what my reasons are. More often than not, the root of my insane behaviors is infidelity. I cannot stomach the fact that I should still be the one to try to create a conversation about it when it is he who is at fault. Moreover, I would always think that my boyfriend should already know me and he should know the cause of my behavior. In fairness to me, I do not act like this if there isn't any problem. Well, girls feel that there are things that you ,guys, should already know without us telling you. It is never easy to acknowledge that we are jealous, or that we feel you do not give us much attention, or that we pity ourselves because of your acts. Well, my unsolicited advise for you is that-- you try to examine your conscience if you really did not do anything which pissed her off. Maybe she saw you talking to your ex without you knowing it; or she heard that your parents dislike her; or maybe you forgot to greet her on your monthsary; etc. If you happen to remember anything and you feel that she was offended, you outrightly apologize so that yourproblem ends. But if are really certain that you did nothing wrong, you talk to her and have a heart to heart talk with her and ask her about the problem... women are so weak you know, it will not be very difficult to let her do this, specially if you really love each other that much. You tell her that you really love her and you're going crazy already because of this. If nothing happens, I guess you should ask her friends or other people closest to her so you'll have an idea as to whether or not there is really a problem or... well, forgive me for saying this...maybe she's got a real big problem in her head. Hope to hear that you are okay soon.
• Malaysia
21 Feb 07
thank you. I will consider what you told me, i can feel what is going on and what i should do now. Thanks.
@yana0806 (565)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
Just ignore it my friend! Continue to love your girlfriend... Godbless the both of you!