Do you feel comfortable while working with opposite gender in your office

@SHINE333 (1284)
February 19, 2007 5:28am CST
I do sometime feel bit uncomfortable if we find it difficult to get well. Not with any oposite gender but even my own gender. I think it all depends upon the getting along with co-worker despite looking at his gender. Any suggestions please.
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@hh9905 (1275)
• Malaysia
19 Feb 07
I am very much comfortable working with both same and different genders at the office. I get their full cooperation. I see no problem at all working with them. Each of them has got their own skill set that is better than the other. Oh, and after being married, i think they treated me with more respect. I think everyone should learn to work with opposite gender as well. Else, they need to find a company that only has one gender employee.
19 Feb 07
When I first started work, I was the only man in the office full of women, then when I moved offices the same was true for many months as well. I really do not mind working with people of the opposite gender, in fact I find that women are much more understanding and caring in nature than men, and personally I prefer that. However sometimes it can be hard especially when there are particular conversations going on that I really don't have any interest in, but it's all about give and take, you get on with people as you find them I don't think it's about gender, I think it's about personality. Some people you naturally gel with, others you gel with over time and working at it and others still, you just clash with. It's part of human nature.
@owens07 (325)
• Puerto Rico
19 Feb 07
I don't think most people would feel uncomfortable working alongside the opposite gender. I guess it depends on why you feel uncomfortable.