respond or start a discussion?

February 19, 2007 5:35am CST
What do you do more = respond or start a discussion? How many responses and how many start up discussions do you do in a day?
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@essilem (286)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
I respond more than start discussions. But before i go to the top discussions or new discussion, i first look at the post my friends started and try to answer as much, then rate them positively as well if ideem it necessary, it helps with their rating and im glad to have contributed.
@patrice7 (1197)
• United States
19 Feb 07
hello there!. well i respond to my friend's discussions more than i start my own discussion. well i find it hard to think of a topic that will generate responses and all and i now only post discussions that really bugs me or that which doesnt leave my mind when i am in mylot. as of today i think i have done 20 responses and i am quite happy with that. well this is just for fun and i am earning quite enough for this fun so i think that it is ok.
@ukchriss (2106)
19 Feb 07
I try to start a couple of new discussions each day - any more than that they would just get buried and so not answered. Also when you start discussions you have to keep going back to them to answer your replies, rate everyone and pick a best responce, so thats a lot of time consuming work which we dont get paid for! So I like to respond and reply a lot more than start new discussions. Once you find say 100 good friend if they each start just a couple of topics a day you will have plenty to chose from for replying to. I like to make between 20 and 40 replies a day - depending on what time i have to go online But there are days when I only do a couple.
@ryanwelsh (167)
19 Feb 07
I used to make alot of discussions but i prefer just to let my old ones run, while i can respond to other users discussions.
@XxAngelxX (2835)
• Canada
19 Feb 07
I tend to respond a lot more than start discussions as I can't usually come up with something that hasn't already been discussed five or six times in five or six different ways. I usually respond to about fifty a day, sometimes more, it really depends on whether or not I can find anything that interests me.
@owens07 (325)
• Puerto Rico
19 Feb 07
I respond ten times more than I start up. I haven't really been keeping count so I really couldn't say.