Have you encountered a bossy person?

February 19, 2007 7:30am CST
Do you like to boss around or being bossed around? How did you feel? Why?
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• India
25 Feb 07
oh! i've encountered lot of them throughout my life.there was one roommate of mine who stayed with me for three long years and she really used to boss around a lot. only i know how i wish not to encounter her or someone like her ever in my life.
• Malaysia
26 Feb 07
Wow! You've endured with such a person for 3 whole years??? You must have had lots of patience. I guess you must have jumped for joy when you've got rid of her. Haha! Hope you don't meet anyone like her again.
@bluewings (3857)
25 Feb 07
I don't like being bossed around.If it's a few times ,I just might keep silent and let it pass ,but if someone makes it a habit with me ,I'd want to move out of his or her sight ,unless I have huge respect for that person.Luckily,I never had too many of that kind around me.I've very good friends who respect others point of view and expect the same.
• Malaysia
25 Feb 07
Nobody likes being bossed around, I should think. Yes, I usually try to avoid bossy people so that they will find someone else to boss! Haha! Well, good for you that you've so few of such people.
@CRiley27 (984)
• United States
19 Feb 07
If is it my actual boss. I keep my mouth shut. If it is just some know it all, I usually speak up and correct them. I myself don't boss people around, I know it makes people feel like crap. Even when I was a supervisor, I would treat my employees with respect.
• Malaysia
19 Feb 07
Yeah, if you boss people around, they're not going to like it. I simply hate being bossed around.
@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
30 Sep 08
I think everybody hates bossy people and I'm no exception. Personally, I've been in the working force for more than ten years now and I've encountered a lot of people with varied attitudes and behaviors. During my first employment where I worked for almost six years, I'd say that I had no problem interacting with my officemates except for one staff who was newly hired on a contractual basis. She graduated as an honor student from her school and we felt that she was using her 'intelligence' and assumed that she knows more than we do; despite the fact that she was still inexperienced compared to us. Modesty aside, I am a friendly and patient person and I never argued with anyone until she came in the office. My friends could even attest to this. Sometimes, she even refused to follow her superiors whenever she feels that the task at hand does not conform to her own way of doing it. She was really hard-headed and bossy, at the same time. A lot of my other officemates complained about her, too. Even before her probationary period ended, she decided to look for another employer. I'm currently with my third employment and I have found more bossy employees here. I won't go into lengthy details but thankfully, none of them belong in our department.