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February 19, 2007 7:54am CST
hey can you help me with my study habits? may i ask what your study habits are? i'm really tired of studying and sometimes nothing gets into this brain of mine. Sometimes i'm glued to mylot lol :) help me plzzz and for good Samaritans...could you pls also answer my other question about book concepts...they're really important too...thanks a lot and love you all.
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• Pakistan
22 Feb 07
hi lonely. ithink you would be happy . as for concern your study you dont worry about thai as you are a too young its happen in life when someone got tired of studing.if you are not intrested in your study just enjoy your life for a week. in this period donot think about your study just enjoy your life.i am sure that time will come and you will take interest in your study.just tell me about your activities that yoiu do throughout the day i will give you more option how can you take intrest in your study. thanks a lot
@superbren (856)
21 Feb 07
you remind me of my daughter , she says she needs the internet to study but most of the time i walk past she is chatting to her friends or downloading music.i do like her to relax too but she has important exams coming up. she finds that she works better with noise and late at night so she often sits up late to study. i dont mind as whatever works for her.there are too many distractions on the internet and i would say if you need the computer to study then only use mylot every 30 minutes. train yourself not to let your mind stray.
• Bangladesh
19 Feb 07
First of all you can plan keeping in your mind the requirements in your life. You should prioritize the immediate and short targets that would be needed to complete your responsibility to yourself, to your family, to the society and of course lastly to the nation and humanity. And of cpurse you need to be glued to the myLot for some time too say for getting this comments and suggestions. About your book concept, you can actually start with a glimpse of something of interest then start imagining. I am personally working on a book for the last two years. Actually there are four books I'm involved with simultaneously and the planning and concept and development took probably another 2 years. (well probably I'm a bit lazy or involved in many other works). Whatever it is you can try visualizing any scene or incident or phenomena and involving the reader through describing that probably from an unusual perspective can help in concept development from trivial or known and even any other story. It can be a nice exercise even.
@salil_44 (52)
• India
19 Feb 07
Can you tell me exactly what are you studying so that I can help you. Or in what subject you find problem then also I can help you.
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
this is a good topic for you students.. When I was still a student.. I have practiced different ways to study. During high school I was really concentrating in my studies cuz i want to gain high grades because of the competition at school.. All in the highest section were grade conscious. So I have to wake up at 3am on the day of the exam to study, memorize word by word and after memorizing writing it on a piece of paper withour seeing my notes just to make sure that all the notes are really transfered to my mind.. But I am starting studying the lesson 2 days before the exam at least scanning the notes... another method if you hate waking early., Study at night. For definition and identification, look for the best word in the definition that may serve as a tag for that defintion that will guide you to remember whatever it describes. When I was in college I lost this couraage to study, thus I hate studying.. So I just familiarize my notes by scanning it.. haayzz.. no wonder my knowledge in high school is just a little bit difference when i graduated in college. It just add a little lolz. u may look this up:
• Indonesia
19 Feb 07
just enjoy your self before studying, don't think anything what can make you to thinks about it...usually, I study in 1hours..