MAJOR hair dye reaction!!! Ever happend to you?

United States
February 19, 2007 9:01am CST
So my mom dyed her hair last week. She's in her 40's already and all her hair is grey so she's been dying it almost for a few years now. She's never had any bad experiences untill just this last time. She usually dyes it black but this time wanted to dye it red. So she did and the color turned out awful. Where all her grey roots were coming out the color turned out almost an orange color and the rest of the hair was red. So a couple of hours later she went and bought some black dye and dyed it black. Well the next day she starting seeing blisters all over her head and her face started to swell up. So by the next day at night time her whole face just blew up like a balloon. It was terrible, she couldn't even hardly open here eyes because they were almost swollen shut. She started to itch all over her body down to her toes. So my brother rushed her to the hospital and now they put her on steroids and some other stuff. So she's getting better but it was such a scare, for all of us. I'm assuming it must have been from her using two hair dyes but she swears it was the product. It's funny because the doctor who cared for her at the hospital said the same thing happened to her and she only used one hair dye. She's talked about suing the company but I told her she probably woudn't win it since she did use 2 hair dyes in one day and they would use that against her case. So now my mom is thinking twice about even dying her hair in the future. What do you think? Has this ever happened to you, what would you do in this situation?
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
19 Feb 07
Oh yes this is common it is due to the ammonia in the dye that causes this problem as it happened to my husband, as he dyes his hair as the rest of his body is still young looking and just does not match so he found this out as well as he had this reaction, and it is not due to your mother using two products. So tell your mother to make sure the dye does not contain any ammonia, as this is why she had an alergy reaction.
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