20 times to hug your partner!

@fabwisp (1328)
February 19, 2007 9:13am CST
A hug is a silent acknowledgment of your appreciation and understanding of your partner. A hug can communicate a thousand words, when words would otherwise fail. When you couple this with the added well-known benefits of physical touch, it is easy to see why the underrated hug can do wonders for any couple. Make it a point to include hugging in your everyday life; by doing so, you will show your partner that you value their intimacy as well as their companionship. Below you will find 20 ways to get you started! The Best Hug-Filled Opportunities... In the bath together. On a blanket while watching the stars. In bed, before you get up for the day. While waiting in line together. When you greet or say goodbye to each other. In the shower together. On the spur of the moment just because you love them. While reading a book together. Unexpectedly, when your partner is on the phone. In the back of the car at a drive-in movie. After your partner has done something you appreciate. During a romantic picnic. When your partner is upset about something. While watching a movie. In a cozy booth at an intimate restaurant. When your partner gets out of the bath or shower. After a play wrestling match. On a cold winter's night in bed or in front of the fire. Before giving them a token of your love such as a flower, love poem, etc.
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@nitsy_s (1031)
• India
19 Feb 07
Yeah.. Hug can do wonders..It feels like heaven to hug the one u love. Hug coupled with a kiss on the lips is hmmmmmmm....