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February 19, 2007 9:28am CST
how to bell the cat.....if u r a cat aspirant..u r at the right place..this is the place to share ur ideas...advices and evry thing regarding cat...CAT.... lets get this going........
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19 Feb 07
I tried to put a bell on my cat one time. It took me awhile to even get the bell on her. It was like she knew what I was doing. Ever time I would think that I was going to succeed she would jump up and take off. When after I had tried many times and succeeded it drove her crazy. She would take a few steps and flip down on the floor and try rubbing her head down toward her chest. It was funny to watch. Well, I went on to wash my dishes and do housework secure in the knowledge that I would know where she was at all times. Boy was I a sucker, I was dealing with a cat here. It wasn't even two hours and I was standing washing the dishes and up jumped my cat on the sink next to me. She mewwed at me and when I looked over at her, the bell was off. She mewwed a couple more times at me and than jumped down and strolled away. Her tail was in the air. Cats go figure!