February 19, 2007 9:47am CST
my brother does not listen to me i am elder to him he is very stubborn and rude what shall i do pls help
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• United States
19 Feb 07
Hi! Welcome to myLot! I see that you're new. Oh, I have a younger brother who's pretty much the same as yours, plus much more! I think we spoiled him too much because he's the only boy (and the youngest) in the family. Now at 25, he's very stubborn, answers us back, doesn't listen to what we have to say, very rude, and doesn't show that he cares about us. When I finally got tired of his attitude, I just didn't mind him at all for like a month! I also told my other siblings to not speak to him at all. Since my brother got used to the attention being thrown at him all the time, he then felt that he needed the attention back, so he started talking to us in a nicer way. Of course, this wouldn't last, so we would give him the 'cold shoulder treatment' again, and again. So far, it worked but it has become repetitive. This is the way it goes now with my family. Oh geez.. I hope you get to solve your 'brother' problem, too.