Time to break up the U.S. into smaller nations, like Europe

United States
February 19, 2007 10:19am CST
If this is not done, the federal government will swallow up the states and tax money will continue to be wasted on useless programs and an endless parade of worthless federal bureaucrats who are not accountable to anyone in the separate states under the current system. California would benefit tremendously as an independent state, and Texas was already a nation by itself for some years. Some states could work in concert to make larger nation-states -- such as Washington State-Oregon-Idaho-Montana for example. This process will streamline many budgets and make living a little easier without the IRS breathing down everyone's neck.
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@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
20 Feb 07
Interesting concept... but not a good idea. If you divide the US in two countries... you have two reasons to go to war against each other. If you divide it in four countries... you have four reasons to go to war against each other... etc You already tried that 200 years ago anyway... and it did not work. Europe is going the opposite way and has open its border with other countries in order to be bigger and stronger. We have a similar problem in Australia... where the federal governement take the money from all the States and then divide it equally amongst all the States when it gives it back. NSW being the wealthiest State with the largest population sees a part of its money being given to other States every year... and we are not really happy about it. All in all... not a good idea. Dividing humans is only a cause for wars. Unity is what we need.
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