First grandchild arrives March 17: What do I do?

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February 19, 2007 10:29am CST
Please help! I need a crash course in grandparenting. I've seen so many poor or disinterested grandparents. Seems like people are tired of being parents of their own kids, and they tend to stay away from their own grandchildren. I don't want to be that way, but is there any way of avoiding this ambivalence? If anyone has positive tips vis-a-vis being a grandad of grandmom, I would love to hear from them!
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@astromama (1226)
• United States
21 Feb 07
My grandparents were awesome. They understood that it was my parents job to raise me, discipline me, and generally tend to shaping me into a respectful and mannerly human being. THEIR job, on the other hand, was to have fun with me and spoil me rotten. Grandma would take me out for 'ice cream lunch', and tell me afterward 'just don't tell your mother'. She let me do all the cool things my mother wouldn't, like wear her lipstick and perfume, drink sodas, stay up as late as I wanted... And my mom couldn't do anything about it because Grandma was still her mother! Mom made the rules, Grandma broke them behind her back, and somehow the love and respect between them multiplies with the years. I doubt you will feel much ambivalence towards your grandchildren once you meet them. I can't speak from experience, because I am only 25 and very pregnant with my first son, but I can tell you that my mom is about to become a grandparent for the first time and my favorite part of becoming a mother.. is watching her become a grandmother. She will be at the homebirth of her first grandson, and I am so looking foreward to watching the bonds strengthen between all of us.. mother, daughter,son... in those first few days of his life. I am counting on her to show me the ropes, to be there with all her parenting wisdom, and yet to let me figure out my own way. I think you should try to embrace the significance of your new role as grandparent, and remember that no one will ever look up to you with as much adoration as your grandbabies. Congrats!
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@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
20 Feb 07
Having grand-children is similar to having your own children (without having to do any of the work). If you love children... you will be a great grand-mother. It is natural instinct. You either love children or you don't.
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@newtondak (3950)
• United States
24 May 08
Here's an article that I wrote for Helium on grandparents respecting their children's choices regarding the grandchildren. This is a "biggie" where I'm concerned, because you need to first have a good relationship with both parents.
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8 Mar 07
You are in for such a treat. I have one granddaughter and she is the light of my life. I spend as much time with her as I can. I am so glad she came into my life and I am sure you will be also. I hope all goes well and congratulations. I am so happy for you.