INDIAN and PAKISTANIS are friends ...... We Are Not ....

February 19, 2007 11:28am CST
Enemies .... we respect each other and if not for a hand full of people we can live in harmony for the rest of our life i am sure still there are familes in pakistan who love india just like we love pakistan ... i mean if the governments are for us to help people develop they should let us live together firs right i am an indian and proud of pakistan being my neighbour and i can tell u this is nothing to do with my religion ... i am a muslim but i am sure there are non muslim indian also who think the same way ....
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@jigishap (595)
• India
19 Feb 07
Yes, I am totally agree with you and I am Hindu.. Its all about politics that we are facing.. Even fell really bad when some of Pakistanis want to spread terrorism. But I believe that its not fault of all Pakistani so I also love Pakistan and their people..
• India
19 Feb 07
hi there glad u came up with a positive answer i am happy and sure there are many more in india like u and same in pakistan... :)
• China
20 Feb 07
it is a very complicated stuff to say . one might wonder 2 countries once used to be one and now bitter enemies just because one got hurted by other for some exagrated reasons . it hurts as one hears that both the country's spend a good amount of its budget ( nearly 10 to 20%) for weapons and army focusing on each other especially . both the countries have to maitain army in siachen ( a mountain peak in Karakoram range of himalayas ) to safeguard there borders thinking that other would take over it and everyone knows it is the costliest army post in world . if both the countries could be friends and they will never have any conflict in future, then such a huge sum of money ,time, man and brain power could be utilized in more creative and positive manner for both the country . hope that day will come soon ......