how many like to get wet in rain??????

@jhallii (155)
February 19, 2007 1:32pm CST
seeing this you might be remembering rainy days.....yes....i am right .....many feels rainy days very untidy ...yes its really .....but have you ever enjoyed yourself in the rain getting wet....i was your experience???????
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@senthil2k (1501)
• India
21 Jun 07
Getting wet in rain is really a very good feeling. I just love to get wet in Rain. Even yesterday, I went to my home from office fully drenched in Rain. It was raining here after almost 3 months and I just jumped out of joy yesterday and went home yesterday getting wet myself in the rain. Rain is always fun for me from my childhood. Luckily I have never been sick because of Rain. I also love to just sit in the beach, in park bench etc when its raining for hours together.
@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
21 Jun 07
I love to get wet in the rain, but afraid of catching cold and fever. Still in my childhood, without the family knowing, happily used to play in rain, and catch cold. When family members came to know through some body about this, I used to get nicely beatings also. Still enjoyment remained and now it is a sweet memory.
@farukh445 (206)
• India
20 Mar 07
I think to know the real meaning of nature one has to freak out going in rain. I love watching rain but being getting drenched would be a kind of messy for me. Couples who are in deep love with each other can enjoy a lot.
20 Feb 07
yes ofcourse u reminded me of those wonderful days when we used to be out with friends under heavy rains.... it was all fun and i wish those cdays with friends can come again.
• Pakistan
19 Feb 07
i love to take a shower in the rain ... its feels real good ... this winter our car got stuck and it was rainin very fast ... it took us like 3 hours to get the car and durin those three hours we got so wet that water was drippin of my sweater ... although it was VERY cols but still we enjoyed alot ... PEACE !!!
@DRoddy77 (1778)
• United States
19 Feb 07
I love running in the rain if it's nice and warm out, especially a nice spring rain that smells sooo good! I know a lot of women worry about messing their hair up but who cares? It's fun!