UK council tax

@spr1967 (208)
February 19, 2007 2:14pm CST
So what are your thoughts on having your homes valued on :- The number of rooms you have An extension added Worst of all having some person having the right to access your house (with your permssion)and do the valuation, failure to do so would result in a £1000 fine or £250 per day fine for refusal...heard this was being trialed in NI
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19 Feb 07
I'm not sure I would be totally happy about it, but there really isn't that much I would be able to do about it. I guess some people would be better off than they are now and some worse so some people would like it and some not. However I think its unlikely they will be able to do it as I would think that a lot of people wouldn't be happy with it and would refuse entry.
@itgalary (633)
19 Feb 07
Tax system in Uk is one of the highest one in the world. Even if we walk we need to pay tax.