Proud MOM!

February 19, 2007 2:19pm CST
I must say I have been blessed with two of the most wonderful children ever. My princess, Jesse is 8 and my beloved angel, Angelo is 5. You have to experience my kids to beleive them. At such tender ages, they already know compassion, pain and suffering, joy and happiness, mistakes and apologies in its truest form. My little boy, every night, would say sorry for the littlest wrong he has done for the day. My daughter, Jesse, takes care of me as if she's the adult. Although I don't impose these on them. It comes so naturally to my children to show compassion and genuine care for me. I am the proudest mom when it comes to my two children. They are everything to me as I am to them. I thank God for blessing me with his two angels. So when the going gets tough, I look at my two kids and I pray even harder that I am able to continue raising them the way I have.
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