How to quit smoking

@deltax (287)
February 19, 2007 3:27pm CST
I've been a smoker for 10 years now. It's a bad habit I can't shake off. I crave for it every time I finish a meal, upon waking up, during coffee breaks and even when I'm not doing something. I have tried to quit for 1 year now but all my effort seems to be futile. Nicotine patches doesnt even work for me. Do you have any idea on how to quit?
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• Australia
19 Feb 07
I quit a 30 a day habit 14 yrs ago. I think i talked myself into it, everytime i lit a smoke i kept telling myself that i didnt like it and it tasted revolting. I ended up with a realy bad cold and was realy sick and wasnt able to smoke for 2-3 days and from there i was able to quit. My friend wasnt so lucky she said the first 2-4 days are the hardest (withdrawls)but then it is all about changing your habits, after a meal instead of a smoke have a glass of water and do something. You could always see you Dr and see what new meds that they have now. Goodluck and i hope that you succeed after 3 months you will be feeling so much better and if you are a chesty flu tpye person like i was , that has all stopped and i hardly ever get chest colds anymore (from 2-3 per year to 1 every year or 3) best wishes.
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• India
21 Feb 07
well..dear it's quite difficult to quit smoking at once ,bt if u really wanna quit it..then just start by reducing it,,like u'll only have to controlfor one or two time not to smoke .u can also consult any doctor who can help u in this.or y dont u try yogasan exercises.have u heard this.this will help u a lot.