catholic charities and somolians

@dmnd82 (11)
United States
February 19, 2007 5:33pm CST
When i was a young single mother (17 years old)raising my daughter I was working making only $6.00/hr, had no support from anyone. I am a catholic and went to catholic charities for help when my parents kicked me out when i was only 18 and asked them for help in paying the deposit and 1st months rent for an apartment (as they did with one of my friends a few months before-who by the way didn't even have kids). They denied me saying "we only have funds twice a year, and that's not now" Then i find out they spend thousands of dollars bringing in thousands of somalians who aren't even catholic, and usually just "milk" us of our money thru welfare. I have then disposed of my catholic religion and won't even attend church or support them in anyway! anyone els have thoughts about catholic charities, the catholic religion, or the somolians that are taking over our country?
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