cosleeping parents

@mememama (3077)
United States
February 19, 2007 5:47pm CST
When you you plan to have your child sleep in their own bed? Or are you going to let your child decide? Or if they are already in their own bed, when did that happen? How many kids do you have in bed? I'm going to let my son decide, but then again I might say something different in a year lol, that kid is getting huge! I only have one child, our only child in bed with us, but we're trying for another baby, so soon it might be two! I'd buy a cosleeper to attach to the side of the bed for the baby of course, no sense in letting a little one get kicked in the head by a brother! That only happens during the day lol.
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14 Mar 07
Well my girls never slept with us in bed. Once in a while if they were having a bad night they would sleep on the floor next to us. Right now our almost 3 year old is in a crib in our room. Once in a while he will sleep in the bed with just me. I will not allow him to sleep in our bed when hubby is there. Hubby has rolled onto me; what is to stop him from laying on our tiny son? I would definitely get a cosleeper for the baby if I were you. You definitely dont want big brother kicking them.
@eden32 (3976)
• United States
14 Mar 07
My eldest, now 18, slept in my bed until around age 3 then slept on a bed in my room until he was about 5 or 6. Up until about age 8 if he had a nightmare or trouble sleeping he would occasionally crawl into our bed or I would go sleep in his room. My daughter, almost 14 now, co-slept in my bed until about age 6 and occasionally would get into my bed or her grandmother's bed if she had a nightmare for the next few years. My youngest is turning 5 in June, he still co-sleeps but has recently expressed an interest in having his own bed. We'll be setting the room next to ours for him so and we'll let him decide how often he wants to sleep in there.
@maciascl (46)
• United States
13 Mar 07
We have a 3yr old that has slept between DH & I since day 1. Then when DS2 was born we aatached a co-sleeper to the bed, but he never slept in it as it wasn't level w/ the bed & made nursing a pain. So he slept in the bed w/ the co-sleeper as a sort of bed rail. Now we have gotten rid of the co-sleeper & attached a twin bed. So now it is DS (5 mo) & I in the twin bed then DS1 (3 yr) in the old bed all together. DS will leave thte bed whenever he's ready, no pressure from us.
@ronita34 (3923)
• Canada
20 Feb 07
Well, my oldest is now 5 and she still crawls in my bed at times! My youngest is two and she goes to bed alone but normally also winds up in my bed also ... LOL! I think that maybe you should get him a small bed to put in your room this way he may get used to the concept easier! An early congrats and i hope you get a new one soon and God Bless!
@XxAngelxX (2832)
• Canada
19 Feb 07
My children always went to bed in their own beds. When they were infants and I was nursing them, sometimes when they'd wake up in the middle of the night hungry I would take them to bed with me, but as a general rule when they went down for the night it was in their own beds. But my children have always known if they have a bad dream, they are more than welcome to come climb in bed with me if it will make them feel better and each one of my children has done this on several occasions.