Any family of soldiers out there?

United States
February 19, 2007 7:10pm CST
If there are any family members of military personel out there,I wanted to let you know how proud I am of their service and I love them all. I hardly hear of what the families go through with their militarty loved ones and I think it's a shame.You have a lot to be proud of and don't let anyone tell you any different!God Bless America!
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@vokey9472 (1488)
• United States
18 Apr 07
My brother in law is a Marine. My cousin was a Marine. I have several other cousins in the Army. I have one cousin in the Air Force and we have a couple in the Navy. We are so proud of each of them. When they are sent into war zones, mainly the Army and Marines, we are terrified that is our soldier, when we hear about a fallen soldier. We pray for all the families every night and thank God that our soldiers are safe. We cry with the families of the fallen and we rejoice with the families of the living. It is hard. Sometimes we go months without a single letter or phone call. Those are the worst times because we have no idea what is going on or if our people are safe. When there is no word and we get letters we have to sign for, our hearts stop until we open those letters. If we see uniformed people coming to our house, our hearts freeze and our throats close up because we fear the worst. The hysterical laughter that comes when we find out it is just friends of our soldiers is just our extreme relief that they are not bringing bad news. God bless our service men and women and keep them safe.
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20 Apr 07
You ought to be quite proud of your family.I had several cousins in the navy,an uncle in the marines,and my dad was a korean war vet in the air force. I tried to join the air force myself when i was 18 but my mom got sick right before I was to take the oath and i ended up being her caregiver. I have a friend who lost a friend in Iraq. I know it's hard . People have a tendencey to forget those troops have families back home that need support just as much as the soldier does