Do you believe in your dreams?

@crishabs (111)
February 19, 2007 11:32pm CST
Back in my hometown, when you dream about falling teeth it means death of a close relative or friend. I had that dream the other day. Kinda freaks me out but it doesn't hurt to tell my close friends and families to keep safe right? Do you believe in dream interpretations?
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@magarboyz (568)
• Nepal
20 Feb 07
dreams never come ture.
@anousha (406)
• Mauritius
11 Aug 07
I don't believe in dreams coz whatever I dream doesn't come true and many of 'em are kinda stupid and nonsense!
• Philippines
11 Aug 07
I would usually interpret my dreams whenever I find that they are making sense. Dreams may not happen exactly as they are but they contain messages most of the time that tells us about our state of mind, our problems, our internal struggles and many others. Please do visit this site for more information: