To See is to Believe....?PLS..READ this...

February 19, 2007 11:41pm CST
"TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE" This word is very popular to us right?and i think many people are agree with that . But there a question that i think you cannot applay that word.If the question is like this .DO you believe that we have a GOD? of course we answer is YES.theres a GOD. But Did you ever see HIM? I dont have a BAd intension to this topic just asking your opinion or your side about this.I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND.. THANK YOU...
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@hannah88 (258)
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20 Feb 07
There is God! This is absolutely true. You cannot see Him but I know He exists! When people ask this, "Is there God?" and says "To see is to believe", I always remember one story. The story goes on like this: Once in a flank of armies, the commander asks the soldiers if there is God. One soldiers said, "There is God!" The commander then ask the soldier. "Do you see God?". The soldier said, "No Sir." "You have not yet seen God, therefore there is no God!", the commander exclaimed. Then the soldier ask the commander and said, "Sir, I know that before you believe, you need to see it first. I just want to ask this question. Do you see your mind/brain?" The commander answered "No." "Therefore, you have no mind/brain Sir!", the soldier replied. Did you get what I mean? Believing that there is God does not depend on our natural seeing or feeling. The reason that I am still breathing, I know that there is God, and He is always there for us. ^_^
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21 Feb 07
Wow thank you for your response and your tym thats a great story.GODBLESS YOU...