Heroes episode 16, Peter turns evil!

February 19, 2007 11:53pm CST
Just finished watching episode 16 of Heroes, and Im blown away by the quality of this show Who can't help but feel sorry for Ted? Poor guy, I think his rage at the "people who did this to him" is justified. No one asked to be special and such. And what's with Wireless? Did we really need a technopath variant? You know, you know at some point in the future Wireless and Micah will team up to I dunno, hack some computer or open some vault or something like it. Cool, but very predictable. Sylar, continues to be the clever badas. And what is it with Dale? Super Hearing, that can "hear' emotional changes? Nice. Super Hearing kinda common in the books but nice to see more down to earth every day people with a power. I just can't wait for Mohinder to catch onto Sylar's act, I think he kinda suspects a little, tiny bit already. Hiro and Ando, ah these two still going strong. When the Gaming Commission guy said "partners just leave their blood, on your hands" I knew Ando would be the one to die, then he gets shot, then Hiro stops/reverses time!!!! Nice twist, nice. Pappa's got a brand new bag. But Hiro without Ando?!?! That was sad. Me thinks Claire's mom has had her brain fried at this point. Not her fault but yea she's f-d up. HRG being put in his place by Claire, YES. Ted and Matt showing up?!?! HELL YES! I hope goes radioactive on HRG. Peter going evil? That is cool. Issac, he had to go and tell HRG about Claude. Simone gets shot, Simone dies. Saw it, how many of us guessed it. If Peter and Issac didn't like each other before, they sure hate each other now! Next week's preview just shows how Lost has screwed up their own show. They present questions and answer them within 1 season. We learn more about Claire and her Mom, the fate of HRG, etc This is next to Hiro/Charlie as the best episode so far. Even if Peter stays a "good guy", the good guys now how their own Sylar. Imagine the fight between Peter and Sylar, round 2. Super power for super power. A dead even match up. God I hope they devote a good bit of an episode to that.
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@salam1 (1475)
• Malaysia
20 Feb 07
Lol, I think Hero episode 4 will play in my place this week, it is 16 in your place. Time went slower here in my place, I think a day here equal to 3 days in your place. Lucky me, I can do more thing than you all ;)
• Brazil
21 Feb 07
HereĀ“s until episode 10 http://www.shoutfile.com/s/24/Heroes
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• United States
20 Feb 07
best......episode.......yet.......well until the next episode =D
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• Brazil
20 Feb 07
True, I cant wait to see a Peter vs Sylar showdown!
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