Culture shock , are you....

February 20, 2007 12:49am CST
Who experiences culture shock?Everyone does in some from another.But culture shock comes as a surprise to most people.A lot of the time,the people with the worst culture shock are the people who never had any difficulties in their own countries.They were active and successful in their community.They had hobbies or pastimes which they enjoyed. When they come to a new country,they do not have the same established positions or hobbies.They find theirselves without a role,almost without an identity. And how about you ?
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• Philippines
20 Feb 07
Until now, culture shock comes to me mostly from what I've read or seen on tv. Reading materials and tv are really doing much when it comes to giving us information on almost everything including the diversity of cultures throughout the world. What may be an abhorring practice for some is the common thing that's going on in some unheard of place. It seems to me like most of the shocking revelations involve religions and cults. People are willing to sacrifice so much for a belief which most of us conceive to be a clearly wrong teaching. As for those persons you mention to be going through a state as that one, they will have to study how life is in the new community they are in. If there is no way they can cope after a sufficient time they will have to move somewhere else for their own good.