How much do you expect from your child?

Are you poking your child too much?!! - Children love to study once they feel free with it. You should not force them too much, it makes them more and more distant from their studies, and from you too!
February 20, 2007 1:22am CST
I should have posted this topic on 'parenting' section, but that's not my job at all. I read a discussion about a mom spanking her son for not answering two of the many questions she asked, related to his studies. She was sorry about it though. I wanted to reply that discussion but had so much to say that felt it better to start my own discussion. Here I can put all of them. So, what should be the limit of parents' expectations? The worst thing is that they start thinking that the child is not studying enough just if he/she is enjoying tv or that sort of things. Even if they allow it, they end it all with something like "ok, that's all for your refreshment. Now go and study." It robbes away the joy the child had been having. I would like to say much about my own experience, if replied because my provided space is finished....
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@webeishere (36353)
• United States
3 May 07
As my children were growing up and in school I never pushed them very hard relating to their study habits or lack of. As a child I myself was pushed very hard by my father & I rebelled against his wishes. I recieved a GED which is equal to a High School Diploma one year after I would have graduated. Both my children also took the GED recieving their GEDs. I can't begin to think about spanking kids for not studying according to the parents wishes. But to each his own I guess. HAPPY POSTINGS FROM GRANDPA BOB !!~
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• India
3 May 07
My parents never pushed me much :) but i really hate those "ok, you got your fun, now.." sentences. Really!