why can't I be appreciated?

February 20, 2007 1:54am CST
I completely appreciate everyting my DH does. I mean he does work his butt off for our little family here. I don't deny that one bit. He works all of this overtime to keep us afloat, and such. But I wonder why he doesn't appreciate what I do? Why he seems to think I do nothing about here, when I cook, I clean (when I can mind you), I mind to the kids, I keep them clean, bathed, fed, off to school and daycare, pick them up from school and daycare, and keep him cuddled at night. Do I feel appreciated? No. Why? Because he seems to put all of his things first. The sheets he thinks are dirty, he washes them, thus leaving me with being kept up late and he knew I had to be up early tomorrow. Does he apologize, no instead he makes a snide comment about "well you could've done this sooner". Um no I couldn't because unlike him I had the kids to look after. I couldn't do that sooner because I had to make sure my daughters clothes were put out for the morning, my stuff packed for the daytrip tomorrow, my daughters bottles measured out for the morning. Did he help in any of this? NO. Did he thank me for this? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Argh.
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• Philippines
20 Feb 07
There is a very easy solution to your problem. Talk it out with him. Tell him about everything that you are doing and those activities which are eating your time off your hands. Tell him that you are happy about everything that he is doing for you and the family, however, you want a piece of his mind as to whether he is happy about how you are doing, too. If you could get him to talk, just listen otherwise, you will have to find some appropriate words which will make him do.