computer - computer-human
@jaya1123 (122)
February 20, 2007 2:20am CST
human and computer interaction.does anyone give good details
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@pawanyv (226)
• India
20 Feb 07
Yes good one, First of all I say that there is no computer without Human and simulatneously we cant find a good educated person without computer. Computers play major role in the present day society to say frankly earth is a small land with respect to person if he doesnt know computer. Computer enrolls a good compensation towards the intrest of person. It increases the Zeal in one to know more about the world. Its not only part of life but also part of every thing where ever u go , there is nothing u can do with out computer.
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• Portugal
25 Feb 07
haaa!!!! going for any paper persentation?????? i know, ur going for kriya???
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
As written, computers are extension of man's brain. Everything that we cannot fully retain in our memory is stored in the computer. Anything that we cannot process in our brain is just a command from the keyboard. Computers behaves to what the users command and desired. They follow out our instructions and react to these activities. WIthout human computers will not properly function to its fullest capabilities.
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
20 Feb 07
Humans lived for thousand of years with out the computer. The computer began and was a helpful machine, later it became a part of our daily life. Soon it will run many more things and then where will we be. We become more dependent and if something were to happen which it so easily can then we will be really lost. A handful of us that adhere to old ways will be highly sought out and then it will be long road to recovery. Hoping that computers are not a big part of that.