Can love really change a person?

February 20, 2007 3:06am CST
Yesterday I met to a guy who told me about his past deeds. He told me that he belongs to a very good family. His parents are very reputed, cares for him. He never wanted to go far from his parents but just for the sake of his career they sent him abroad for studies where he indulged into activities like supplying drugs, kidnaping, smuggling etc. people overthere used to treat him very badly which made his mind negative. But a girl came into his life and everything started changing. Now he is a successful businessman with no blackmoney. I think that was just a story. Nothing is true as no one can be changed so much just for LOVE. But another thing that I feel is he is really a good person as cicumstances made him bad. What do you think?? Is it true or just a story? Can one be so changed for the sake of love?? Could anyone after entering into smuggling and all came out??
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