Glasgow, a place I want to visit again.

February 20, 2007 3:58am CST
I was spending my years of 1987-1990 living in Glasgow during my postgrad study. To me it was a very nice time generally. I like the Scottish cultures and the natural views. I wonder if I can visit there again. But I will try one day.
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22 Feb 07
I come from Glasgow and it is so mice fro you to say something so positive about my city. Are you back in Indonesia now then? I thought I owuld try and think up a couple of things that may have changed since you have left. In 1999 we were awarded the city of design and architecture which was pretty good for us considering that Edinburgh always seems to be crowned the most beautiful. George Square in the centre of Glasgow has been stripped of its grass and red paving stones put in instead which has caused a bit of an uproar. The big Glasgow POst Offic ejust at George Squaer has been shut down and sold on to developers and they have turned them into flats. Our Clyde river bank has been transformed. Where it was the derelict ship building before has been transformed and is beecoming this gorgeous entertainment area and fancy houses. Casino's, bingo, bowling, cinema, fast food chains and lovely pent houses. Such a drastic change from the scary dark derelict area of before. And of course the Glasgow Art galleries has been given its makor overhaul and we can still boast free museum entry which we are so proud of. Come back soona nd experience it. Even if just on a holiday.